Go to the Carbondale Depot Museum to learn about Carbondale's railroad history.

Go to the Carbondale Depot Museum to Explore Railway History

Carbondale holds a prominent place in the development of the Midwest. If you like history, the streets around The Pointe at SIU are full of monuments, landmarks, and museums. Go to the Old Railroad Passenger Depot, which has been turned into the Carbondale Depot Museum. It’s an exciting monument to Carbondale’s railroads and a great way to learn about the area’s history.


Explore the Museum

Carbondale Depot Museum started as Carbondale’s third passenger station in 1903. Now it brings visitors back in time by offering interactive hands-on tours of a real caboose, locomotive and train depot. Since 1998, the city’s historical organizations have come together to restore the station to its original state to enhance the railroad experience. You can explore the exhibits and artifacts inside the station. You can also examine the museum’s interesting displays and photos of the history of Carbondale. A statue of a passenger train conductor stands by the front door to greet visitors, so bring a camera!


Buy a Brick

The museum is run by a non-profit organization, which raises funds by selling bricks. Once you have finished exploring the museum, stop by the gift shop. You can buy and engrave a commemorative brick and place it next to the museum in the town square. If you want to add your name or someone else’s to Carbondale’s history, this is a perfect way to do it! You can also purchase a brick in memory of a loved one for an everlasting tribute.


Carbondale is a lively city close to Southern Illinois University and it’s a great place to live. Nature lovers can also enjoy hikes outdoors because Carbondale has great nature preserves and parks nearby. If you’re looking for a perfect place to call home, the Pointe at SIU offers modern apartments in a convenient location. For more information and to schedule a tour, contact us today!

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