Go to the Carbondale Depot Museum to learn about Carbondale's railroad history.

Go to the Carbondale Depot Museum to Explore Railway History

Carbondale holds a prominent place in the development of the Midwest. If you like history, the streets around The Pointe at SIU are full of monuments, landmarks, and museums. Go to the Old Railroad Passenger Depot, which has been turned into the Carbondale Depot Museum. It’s an exciting monument to Carbondale’s railroads and a great […]

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Check out Carbondale art galleries for funky, local art!

3 Carbondale Art Galleries to Explore This Summer

If you’re looking for fun places to visit near The Pointe at SIU, there are a lot of parks, restaurants, and seasonal events. Looking for something new? Add some Carbondale art galleries to your list for when it’s too hot to go outside. You can find colorful painting exhibits, interesting sculptures, and more in the […]

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man and dog exploring the outdoors around carbondale

Explore the Outdoors Around Carbondale

Known for its natural beauty, Carbondale is where many outdoor enthusiasts call home. So whether you enjoy hiking, biking, or paddling, you’ll find several destinations in and around the city that you don’t want to miss. In fact, here are a few ways to bask in the outdoors around Carbondale! Cedar Lake Cedar Lake is a […]

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Healthy woman eating one of the best salads around carbondale

Chow Down on the Best Salads Around Carbondale

Did you know that the word salad comes from the Latin “herba salta” or “salted herbs?” The term arose because lettuce was once seasoned with salty dressing. Today, we have tons of choice from vinaigrettes to ranch and more.  If you’re searching for the best salads around Carbondale, you’re in luck. Here are a few of our […]

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